Backyard Ecology Creating Space for Pollinators and Wildlife
Creating Space for Pollinators and Wildlife

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Financial support helps cover the costs of producing all of the Backyard Ecology content and making it freely available for everyone to enjoy. It is vital to Backyard Ecology’s long-term success and growth. I am extremely grateful to everyone who chooses to financially support Backyard Ecology. You can do so through monthly contributions (with some great perks), through a one-time donation, or by using the Amazon affiliate links located in some of the podcast show notes.

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I also completely understand that not everyone is in a position to provide financial support. That’s ok. There are still lots of ways that you can support Backyard Ecology. These non-financial means of support are also valuable. Thank you for taking the time to support Backyard Ecology in those ways as well. Here’s a short list of some of the ways you can support Backyard Ecology without spending a dime.

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Thank you for supporting Backyard Ecology!

An extra special thank you to our Patrons who provide monthly financial support.

Megan Amaral, Deborah Rosenthal, and Grafton Smith.