Why is Backyard Ecology™ Important?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that nature can only be found in some far-off, pristine, wilderness. But the truth is that nature is everywhere and there are still plenty of discoveries to be made about the common species inhabiting our yards and communities.

Because nature is everywhere and there is still so much to learn, we can make valuable contributions to our local ecosystems and to a better understanding of the organisms that share our yards and communities. This is especially true in the eastern U.S. where most of the land is privately owned. But first, we must value and appreciate the nature right outside our doors.

Backyard Ecology™ strives to foster that appreciation while creating an educational experience and community that helps you transform your yard into an ecosystem which supports native plants, pollinators, wildlife, and your lifestyle.

Why we created Backyard Ecology™

We know how hard it can be to get habitat management answers from the internet or social media groups. It can be overwhelming, contradictory, and sometimes downright nasty. Not to mention, how do you know if that information is even scientifically valid? That’s why we created Backyard Ecology™.

We want to help you be good stewards of your land and leave a positive ecological legacy while having fun learning about the plants, pollinators, and wildlife that can be found in your yard and community.

Who are we?

We are Shannon and Anthony Trimboli. We live in southcentral Kentucky and are life-long nature lovers. Our degrees are in wildlife biology, ecology, and agriculture.

We are passionate about sharing our love of nature with others. We enjoy inspiring people to form their own connections with nature and then take action to create their own natural oases.

In addition to hosting Backyard Ecology™, we operate a small native plant nursery and habitat consulting business for pollinators and wildlife. Shannon has also written multiple books and we both give presentations and keynotes focused on the topics we cover through Backyard Ecology™.

Backyard Ecology™’s Guiding Principles:

🦋 Curiosity: Nature is fun, interesting, and worth exploring. We will never know everything. Answers lead to more questions. That’s half the fun.

🦋 Balanced: You don’t have to choose. You can support nature AND the lifestyle you desire.

🦋 Science informed: Habitat creation and management should be based on the latest scientific research available.

🦋 Stewardship: Anyone can make a positive difference in the natural world and leave an ecological legacy on their property.