Create Mudding Spots for Butterflies

Butterflies will often congregate around mud puddles, or even just damp soil. These congregation areas are called mudding or puddling spots. Butterflies are drawn to them for the salts and minerals that are dissolved in the water.

You can create an artificial mudding spot by providing a wet spot of soil that is free of vegetation. Butterflies can’t swim and don’t like to get their feet wet so you don’t actually need standing water – a good thing for mosquito management. All you need is damp soil to create a mudding spot for butterflies.

It may take a while for the butterflies to find your mudding spot, so be patient and, if possible, try to provide multiple sites around your property. You may find that some spots are more popular than others. Artificial mudding spots also tend to be more effective during dry periods when there are fewer natural mud puddles and wet spots.

Sulphur butterflies mudding or puddling. Photo credit: USFWS Midwest Region, cc-by 2.0

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