Crossover Episode with Nature’s Archive: Charley Eiseman – Naturalist, Author, Innovator, and Leaf Mining Insect Specialist

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Show notes:

This episode is different from anything I’ve done before, because Michael Hawk, who hosts the Nature’s Archive podcast, and I are sharing each other’s episodes. One of the things I really like about the Nature’s Archive podcast is that in addition to the biology, Michael also digs into the stories of how his guests got to where they are. My personal experiences, plus those of the interns, volunteers, college students, and recent grads that I’ve worked with in the past have made me realize how valuable those stories are. So, often the thought is that we can’t be successful unless we know exactly what we want to do and forge a laser straight path forward. But that’s usually not the case. I think hearing that and discussing that can be so valuable and helpful for all of us.

The Nature’s Archive episode that I chose to share with you is about leaf mining insects. Every year I notice the trails of leaf mining insects in my garden or on leaves out in the fields or woods. But I’ve never really gone much further than saying “Yep, leaf miner.” In this episode, however, Michael talks to Charley Eiseman who is a leaf mining insect specialist. Wow! I never dreamed leaf mining insects were so diverse and fascinating. I always assumed that they were all caterpillars, which I now know is not true. I’m definitely going to be looking at leaves with leaf mining insect trails a lot differently now.

After listening to this episode, I highly encourage you to follow the link below to look at the original show notes for this episode on the Nature’s Archive Podcast. Michael has some cool pictures of leaf mining insect trails in leaves, as well as, links to the books and other resources that he and Charley talked about. While you’re visiting the Nature’s Archive website, you may find some other episodes that you would enjoy listening to. I know I’ve downloaded several that I want to listen. Oh! And check out Michael’s photography while you’re there. He has some amazing pictures.


Episode image:

  • Leaf mining insect trails on eastern columbine
  • Photo credit: Shannon Trimboli, all rights reserved

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