Getting the Community Involved in Creating Pollinator Habitat

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I often hear comments or questions such as, “I do what I can in my yard, but I wish more people in my community would plant pollinator gardens.” Or, “What can I do to get my community involved and to make my community more pollinator friendly?”

It can feel overwhelming and like there isn’t anything we can do beyond our own individual space. But, sometimes all it takes is one person to step forward, raise their hand, and say “This is important. I can take the lead, but I can’t do it on my own. Who wants to help?” In many ways, that’s what happened in Bexley, Ohio.

Today we are talking to Rebecca Ness. Rebecca is the Vice Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Council in Bexley, Ohio. She is also the Chair of Love Your Alley, which is a local program that encourages community involvement in creating pollinator habitat.

Rebecca and I discuss how the pollinator habitat emphasis for the Love Your Alley program came about, program successes, challenges, and lessons learned. I love how the Love Your Alley Program is bringing the community of Bexley, Ohio together in so many different ways. The program seems like it is a win, not only for their local pollinators, but also for the people who participate in the program.

I also think that the Love Your Alley program can serve as an example, or case study, for people who would like to do something similar in their own community or neighborhood. It is my hope that this conversation will help you gain insights on ways to get your community or neighborhood involved with creating pollinator habitat. Or, at least provide encouragement from knowing that it can be done and that there are others who are not only doing it but are willing to share their experiences.


Episode image:

  • Alley mural and pollinator garden in Bexley, OH
  • Photo credit: Rebecca Ness, all rights reserved

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