Top 10 Backyard Ecology “Shorts”

Did you know that in addition to the regular Backyard Ecology videos that Anthony creates, he also produces a series of nature-trivia style short videos? Most of these videos are literally only a few seconds long so are perfect “bite-sized” samples if you’re just getting started or are looking for something to watch for a few seconds on your phone.

Recently I shared how Anthony started the Backyard Ecology YouTube channel and the top 10 videos on that channel. All those videos are several minutes long and provide quite a bit of information about a topic. For example, the video titled 3 Awesome Native Trees to Replace Bradford Pear! quickly talks about the problem with Bradford pears, then provides a detailed description for each of the 3 native tree alternatives including their native ranges, the growing conditions they like, when they bloom, when they produce fruit, and the pollinators and wildlife that use each type of tree. That’s a lot of information to pack into a 5-minute video.

However, let’s face it. We’re all busy and we don’t always have time to watch a 5-minute video. That’s where the short videos, commonly called “shorts,” come into play. Each short is less than 60-seconds long, is filmed in vertical format (perfect for viewing on phones), and focuses on one specific fact. Most of the Backyard Ecology shorts are done trivia-style and often begin with the line “Did you know…”

You can find the shorts by going to the Backyard Ecology YouTube channel and clicking on “Shorts” in the menu below the Backyard Ecology banner. I find them kind of addicting and usually end up watching and scrolling through multiple shorts whenever I start watching them.

Oh, and if the short leaves you wanting to know more about that topic, then don’t worry, Anthony has you covered. Each short has a supporting video that goes into more depth. You can find the link to the supporting video at the bottom of the short, in the comments, and in the description which you can find by tapping on the three horizontal dots. Anthony tries to put the link in multiple places so it is easy to learn more if you want to go deeper on that topic.

So, let’s quickly run through the top 10 Backyard Ecology shorts based on number of views as of Thanksgiving 2023. Since the videos are so short, I’m just going to list the titles and let your curiosity decide whether to follow the link and explore further.

10) Caterpillar’s Poop Stick Defense!

9) Ragweed SUPER FOOD for Birds!

8) Hummingbirds Eat Nectar and WHAT!

7) Butterfly Garden Must Have!

6) These Cute Larvae Aren’t Caterpillars!

5) Bumblebees VS Carpenter Bees Easy ID!

4) What Is This Weird Plant Growth!

3) Have You Seen Invasive Tree of Heaven?

2) This Caterpillar Looks Like What!

1) Wolf Spider Momma Has How MANY Babies!


How about a bonus? This one didn’t make the top 10, but it’s one of my favorites. If you want a good chuckle, plus an image that you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon, then you’ll want to check out See Me Fly Like Monarch and Viceroy Butterflies!

I hope you enjoy those short, nature-trivia videos. Do you have a favorite short? If so, what is it? And if you haven’t discovered the Backyard Ecology YouTube channel yet, we hope you’ll check it out, then take some time to explore the nature in your yard and community.

Backyard Ecology: Exploring Nature in Your Backyard
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