Top 10 Most Popular Backyard Ecology Articles: Thanksgiving 2021 – Thanksgiving 2022

The new year is only a few days away. As I said in last week’s podcast episode, this is traditionally a time for looking back over the last year and looking forward to the new year. We’ve been following that tradition in the Backyard Ecology world, both with our content and behind the scenes as we make plans for the coming year.

Last week’s podcast episode highlighted the most popular episodes of the year. I thought I would do the same this week with the blog articles. Below are the top 10 most viewed Backyard Ecology articles published between Thanksgiving 2021 and Thanksgiving 2022.

Did your favorite make the list? If not, what was your favorite article and why? Please let us know in the comments.

Top 10 Backyard Ecology Articles

10) Buttonbush: A summer extravaganza for pollinators

9) American Mistletoe – A Holiday Plant Enjoyed by Pollinators and Wildlife

8) Pollinator Friendly Methods for Mowing Fields

7) The Goldenrod Gall Fly: An Insect with a Fascinating Life History and Valuable Role in the Ecosystem

6) Anise Hyssop: A Long-lasting, Summer-blooming Bee Magnet

5) Best Times to Kill Poison Hemlock: Winter and Early Spring

4) Cicada Killers: Not as Menacing as They Appear

3) Red Maple: An Early Source of Nectar and Pollen

2) Understanding a Common Saying When Growing Native Plants

1) Bumblebee moth: The moth that looks like a hummingbird and a bumble bee had a baby


Those were the most popular articles that were published this year. However, the article that received the most views overall this year was one of our archived articles from a couple of years ago.

Red-spotted Purple – The dark blue and black butterfly that isn’t a swallowtail


I hope you enjoyed that review of the most popular Backyard Ecology articles published between Thanksgiving 2021 and Thanksgiving 2022. Maybe you even found one or more that you missed and want to go back and read. Don’t forget to let us know what your favorite article of the year was, and please help us grow Backyard Ecology by telling others about the Backyard Ecology blog, podcast, and YouTube channel.

I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and until next week, I encourage you to take some time to explore the nature in your own yard and community.

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